One of the usual reasons to get a server of your own is the fact you'll have comprehensive control over the software environment and you'll be able to install anything you wish. This will allow you to run programs which need particular software to be present on the server, which is not possible with a shared Internet hosting server where you can install software just within the account, but not on a root level. If you're not very experienced with this type of matters, however, you may encounter issues because managing a server of your own is different from managing a standard shared website hosting account. In this light, we offer an upgrade with our server plans called Installation & Troubleshooting, thus our admins can handle a variety of tasks that should be carried out or can resolve many problems that you may encounter.

Installation and Troubleshooting in VPS Web Hosting

The upgrade could be ordered for any one of the virtual private server solutions irrespective of the OS and Control Panel that you have chosen or the task that you need to be executed as our administrators will aid you with everything related to the software on the server. This includes, but is not limited to, setting up third-party applications, setting up hosting server options, troubleshooting scripts in case they do not perform properly, and so on. The upgrade includes 1 hour of work and if a particular task requires less time, the remaining minutes shall be available for the future and will be listed in the VPS billing Control Panel. You can use the Installation & Troubleshooting service either as an individual upgrade or as an addition to the Managed Services upgrade, which includes half an hour of custom work on your machine. In this way, you may work on your Internet sites without needing to worry that you won't be able to use some program or losing time on technological issues.

Installation and Troubleshooting in Dedicated Servers Hosting

In case you need our upgrade for any reason, you could add it to your dedicated server with a couple of mouse clicks through the billing CP or if you need some custom work on the hosting server the minute it is put in place, you can obtain the upgrade during the signup procedure and let us know what do you require to be done, so everything shall be ready once your machine is up and running. 60 minutes of custom work are included to your account each and every time you order the upgrade, so you can employ this service as often as you require. If some task requires less time to be performed, you won't lose the remaining minutes and they shall be available for future tasks. Our upgrade will allow you to concentrate on developing and promoting your websites without wasting time on maintaining the dedicated server or the software installed on it. You may employ it if you also use our Managed Services upgrade, but the 30 min it includes aren't sufficient to carry out all of tasks that you need.