The term "disk space" is oftentimes called "disk quota" or "data storage", still all these terms refer to the same thing - the amount of data that you are able to upload to a website hosting account. The overall size of everything you have is estimated by accumulating the storage space used by the entire content in the account, the most obvious being the files you upload. Two other things are commonly forgotten by the majority of people, though - e-mails and also databases. Sizable attachments or databases of big script-driven internet sites will often take a lot of storage space as well. In order to use a more familiar analogy, the disk space of your laptop or computer is used not just by files you download, but also by documents you generate as well as programs you install. In the same way, numerous things are counted for the disk space that your content takes on a web hosting server, not only the uploads.

Disk Space in Website Hosting

All our website hosting plans were developed with the notion that lack of hard disk space can't be a thing that can prevent the progress of your sites. That's why we've applied a technique which is more advanced than the one that most website hosting companies take - instead of just making a variety of accounts on a single server and subsequently not having enough storage space, we employ a cloud hosting platform where the storage space is taken care of by an entire group of servers. In this way, we can connect more machines whenever they're necessary and more hard disk drives, so as to offer extra disk space for all of the files of our users. Different clusters take care of the e-mails as well as your databases, consequently not only will you be able to expand your sites not worrying about hard disk space, but also all the servers will function faster and better considering the fact that each service does have its storage space and an individual server doesn't handle different types of files.

Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Hosting

All of our semi-dedicated server packages have "disk space" as a feature simply to lay emphasis on that it is really unlimited. We can achieve that with the use of a progressive, custom cloud hosting platform, where your databases, emails and files are stored on individual clusters of servers. We will add extra hard disk drives or entire servers to any of the clusters and at any time, and our web hosting Control Panel was created to function with this type of system. In contrast, nearly all of the Control Panels on the hosting market can function only on one server, and irrespective of what various providers advertise, they really make a multitude of accounts on a single machine. Using a semi-dedicated server package from our company, you'll never have to concern yourself with disk storage limits and you'll be able to give full attention to expanding your web sites.

Disk Space in VPS Web Hosting

The HDD storage that we offer with our virtual private servers varies based on the package that you choose at the time you register. By using a more powerful server, you'll be able to easily operate a variety of sites, that means more content, therefore the superior the VPS package, the more hard drive space you will have available. Changing from one plan to another one usually takes a couple of mouse-clicks and it doesn't involve any kind of service disruption. Your website files, databases and emails will share the total amount of space the server has, but if you'd like to use fixed quotas, you're able to select cPanel or DirectAdmin for the hosting Control Panel during your ordering process. Both tools will allow you to set up web hosting accounts with restricted hdd storage and if needed, even to allocate space from one existing account to a different one. With the third alternative that you will find on the order page, our Hepsia Control Panel, all domains will share the space.

Disk Space in Dedicated Servers Hosting

The minimum disk space which you can get with our dedicated servers is 500 gigabytes. You'll have 2 separate hard disk drives, 250 gigabytes each, and it will be up to you the way in which you'll use this storage space. You may have the drives in RAID, so your data will be safe as one of the drives will function as a real-time mirror of the second one, or perhaps you're able to have them function individually, so as to use the full storage space potential that will be available to you. The hard disk space of all our dedicated servers hosting packages is enough for everything - major electronic stores, data depository portal, private archive clone, and many more. We'll never hold back your sites with regard to the storage space they require. In case that they start growing, we supply you with the possibility to add further drives to your present server when needed. When you obtain the server with DirectAdmin or cPanel for the hosting Control Panel, you will also be able to create a different account for each and every hosted domain and set a hard disk storage space quota for it. With Hepsia all of the domain names will be hosted in one place and they'll share the overall server storage space.